Mike Page Aerial Photographer donates photos to enhance the cover of the Parish Plan

The Parish Plan Steering committee are most grateful to Mike's generous gift of prints to adorn the parish plan covers as shown below .
View of village centreView from lower common to centre
Copy of these prints are available from Mike at  01603 712410
For more information on the stunning aerial photograpy,  books and CD's of the Norfolk and Suffolk area by Mike Page visit www.mike-page.co.uk

About Mike

Mike Page's first experience of photography came when he joined his school's Photography Club in 1954.

When he learned to fly ten years later he was able to extend his skills into aerial photography, recording on film changes both industrial and natural in his native Norfolk landscape, always with Canon cameras and lenses. More recently Mike has concentrated solely on digital photography, having started with an EOS D30, progressing to an EOS D60. He now uses a 1D mk2 amd a 1D mk3.

His photographic library now contains in excess of 45,000 images.