Coltishall Church Room Boiler

Good News!
Coltishall Parochial Church Council has been awarded a grant of £2200 to cover the cost of replacing the old gas wall heaters in the Church Room for a new gas combi-boiler.
This will heat the Room via 4 big radiators and also provide hot water on demand to the kitchen.
The new boiler is much more efficient than the old heaters and is a big step towards reducing the Church’s carbon footprint – something which we are very keen to do.

So, a very big Thank You to “Biffaward”* who awarded us the grant through their Small Grants scheme

The Church Room is now a great venue, not only for Church meetings and fund-raising events, but also for many other groups and private users.

Dr Linda Malpas
Coltishall PCC

For information on hiring the Church Room see back page of The Marlpit
*“Biffaward” is managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts as part of the Landfill Communities Fund and is regulated by “ENTRUST”
For information about “Biffaward” go to;
Or phone; 01636 670000