Timetable For Our Bus 29 Service  Thursdays only

Blicking hall served Summer Only = Monday before Easter to Last Thursday in October and Pick up to be agreed in advance with the driver updated Sept 2011
Note one hour break of service over lunch time

Wroxham Morning Service


 Afternoon Service

Depart From Roys Store 09:10  Depart from Roys Store 12:25
Hoveton Wroxham Barns Car Park 12:32
Railway Station 09:12 Tunstead
Coltishall Opp Olive Branch 12:36
Kings Head PH 09:16 Opposite School 12:37
Westbourne Road 09:18

Opp Olive Branch

Buxton Wroxham
Black Lion PH 0928 Wroxham Barns Car Park 12:40
Marsham Roys Store    Arrive 12:47
A140 Bus Stop 09:36 Roys Store    Depart 12:49
Aylsham Hoveton
Bure Valley Railway Stn/Tesco's 09:40 Hoveton Railway Station 12:51

Market Place


Blickling Hall *Summer only On Request Opposite Kings Head 12:55

Westbourne Road 12:57

Market Place




Black Lion PH 13:07
Market Place Arrive 10:10 Marsham
                        Depart 10:10 A 140 Bus Stop 13:15
Cawston Aylsham
Market Place 10:18 Bure Valley Railway.Tescos 13:19
Aylsham Market place 13:21
Market place 10:28 Cawston
Opposite Tesco's                10:30 Market Place 13:31
Marsham Reepham
A140 Bus Stop 10:35 Market Place 13:39
Buxton Cawston
Opp Black Lion PH 10:43 Market Place 13:50
Coltishall Blicking Hall *Summer Only On request
Westbourne Road 10:53 Aylsham
Rectory Road Chapel 10:54 Market Place 14:06
Hoveton Opposite Tesco's 14:08
Railway Station 11:00 Marsham
Wroxham A 140 Bus Stop 14:14
Roys Store  Arrive 11:02 Buxton
                      Depart 11:04 Opp Black Lion PH 14:22
Wroxham Barns Carpark 11:12 Coltishall
Tunstead Westbourne Road 14:32
Opp Olive Branch 11:14 Rectory Road Chapel 14:33
Opp School 11:15 Hoveton

Opp Olive Branch

11:17 Railway Station 14:39
Wroxham Wroxham
Wroxham Barns Car Park 11:19 Roys Store 14:41
Roys Car Park   Arrive 11:25