What is a Parish Plan?

A Parish Plan will set out a vision for how a community wants to develop and identify the actions needed to achieve that vision. The Plan will usually be developed by a group of volunteers from the community, and will involve an audit of residents' views and needs.

At the November 2008 parish council meeting it was voted unanimously that Colitishall should produce a parish plan. Two meetings held in the village hall, one given by Broadland District Council, and one by the Parish Council. The latter meeting, on the 16th of November, was for invited members of the community.  A presentation was given by the chairman  to initiate suggestions for a format of a questionnair, and  discuss the procedure whereby information gathered would be collated and recorded..

During the  meetings it was noted that there were no volunteers for the main steering committee, but many volunteers to do various collecting and collating and assistant tasks

Despite the poor  response it is proposed to carry on with the production of a plan, and a focus group will meet in late January to consider and filter questions to be included in the questionnaire, which will be  delivered to the 611 households in Coltishall and Great Hautbios.   It would be based on the views and aspirations for the village of all our residents. 

Each copy would have a unique serial number which would be entered into a prize draw to be held on the special Village Day to preview the parish plan

Note for above  It has subsequently been decided that due to data protection considerations a unique serial number will not be applied.

Once the questionaire is finalised and printed, distribution and collection of replies will be planned for early spring.

The result will be collected and collated  to give a clear view  of the future needs and aspirations   of Coltishall, and how best they can be achieved. Once in draft form a village social gathering would be arranged  to view and comment on the draft before parish approval for the final copy is presented to Broadland DC

If you want further information, or indeed to volunteer a little of your time towards putting the plan together, please call 01603-737721 or email