This Section is to provide a link to information on Tree Preservation Coltishall & Great Hautbois

Recently a parishioner requested information about Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and tree felling being carried out in the village. The Criteria on TPOs can be found via this link

You can also find information out via this Link to Broadland DC > Planning Explorer

Page down to where you can enter under Ward > Coltishall and hit enter, all planning information over past several years will appear, however you are better off refining the search by pageing to the Date section and narrowing search as required.

We will also publish a Link to Broad sheet the The Newsletter for Broadland Tree Wardens as and when it becomes available.

To request any information on  Broadland Tree Preservation Orders Served, Confirmed and Revoked can be requested  via this email link to
Broadland District Council
Thorpe Lodge
1 Yarmouth Road
Thorpe St Andrew
Norwich NR7 0DU
tel: 01603 430560
fax: 01603 430591